L.A.M.A. Santiago

Noel has his Triumph motorcycle, and we’re in the Latin American Motorcycle Association. He is the vice president of the Santiago de Cuba chapter, and was one of the original founders. The organization hosts group activities, has monthly meetings and organizes charity events. It was founded by Mario Nieves in Chicago EEUU as a push-back against the stereotypically violent motorcycle culture. There are now Chapters all over Latin America and the U.S. and even in Spain. With LAMA I have participated in social events like spending the weekend at Playa Francésa , Carnaval 2016 in Santiago, and a world-record setting event when someone from Las Tunas telepathically drove with a blindfold from Holguín to Santiago long distance. I plan on going to the national rally of Cuba this year which is in March in Camagüey. Sometimes the members of LAMA go overboard with showing off and flashiness at events. Many couples also uphold machista standards where the woman plays a very domestic role. Also, drinking beer usually accompanies each activity so I have decided to withdraw from the group as much as possible. Although there are also very upstanding members of LAMA, especially the ladies, I’d say the majority of those in the Santiago chapter do not set a good example.

Ladies of LAMA
At Carnaval
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Gathered in front of President’s house
Me With Noel’s vest
En el barrio