University of Havana

This year in January I visited the University of Havana where my abuela, Otmara Erice Villa, earned her Master’s degree in education. I’d always wanted to see where she went to university. It’s a neat campus in Vedado, although I didn’t go inside, I just walked around outside. Later that night I returned with Noel and his nephew to participate as a fellow university student in La Marcha de Las Antorchas, an annual celebration of José Martí’s birthday. The march took a while to start and we stood waiting for close to 2 hours, I joked to Noel, “what are we waiting for, Raul to show up?” then 5 minutes later the joke was actually on me because Raul Castro walked out in front of the crowd. Adrain Bezarain, a friend of Noel’s, performed live. Because Noel’s nephew is in telenovelas, a lot of people recognized him and wanted a photo, they also gave us some free homemade torches. It took us a while to catch the bus back to Mantilla at the end of the night and both Marcelito and I fell asleep on the bus before we arrived home around midnight.

University of Havana!
By the entryway
Back of the Alma Mater
Starting to gather for La Marcha!