For me guava fruit, guayaba, is like ambrosia of the gods. I think it is my spirit fruit…no, I know it is. It is a sweet, pink fruit with a meaty texture and a waxy green edible skin. It isn’t crunchy like an apple or grainy and juicy like a pear, nor fibrous. Perhaps the closest texture comparison would be to an apricot. However, it has large seeds in the center and beware! Sometimes there are little white worms that live inside, although they are not harmful to eat, gross! The best guava fruit I have ever eaten were given to me as gifts from the garden of a friend of ours, Sandra. They were lovely and fragrant and didn’t haven even one worm! Noel knows that I love fruit milkshakes, or batidos. My favorite kind of batidos are made from guava or mango.

Noel’s recipe for batido de guayaba:

  1. Wash 2 guava fruits with water and cut into cubes, including skin and seeds.
  2. Place in blender with ample drinking water and blend thoroughly.
  3. Strain out seeds and collect seedless guava juice in a pitcher for later.
  4. Tell Kate to put the seeds in the garden for the birds.
  5. Pour guava juice back into blender, add 1 cup raw cane sugar, 6 large spoonfuls of powdered milk, a big pinch or two of salt, more water as needed and lots of ice.
  6. Taste to see if there is enough sugar, then pour and enjoy immediately!
Batido de guayaba: YUM!
2 guava fruits
Que rico…