Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste is Noel’s motorcycle, the vintage 60’s Tiger 110 Triumph. Maria Celeste is named after Noel’s grandmother, who he was very close to because his own mother was fighting in the Cuban Revolution and wasn’t really around when he was growing up. So this motorcycle is part of the family. Noel and I actually met because I asked about the motorcycle and a friend of Noel’s introduced us. Anyway, I also feel like I have a connection with Maria Celeste. She was really running badly and having a lot of problems, with the carburator and clutch cable and the electric start-up. But as soon as I arrived in October and got onto the back of the motorcycle with my luggage, she started running smoothly without any kind of problem. Then later in the week, I told Noel that I was thinking of heading back to the States earlier than we’d planned and suddenly the acceleration cable snapped. I also have learned to mechanic a little bit and I helped replace the clutch plates, make gaskets and clean the pistons. We’ve traveled together on Maria Celeste, as far as Holguín and plan to go from Santiago to Havana in January.

Original owners
The first photo Noel took of Maria Celeste, her original “British Blue”
Working on the clutch
At the Gran Piedra
On the carretera turistica
The ruins, plowing through the sand
Before the group trip to Playa Francésa