Food: Part 3

In my second post about food in Cuba, I briefly explained how the food subsidization works, la programa del racionalización. Well, one kind of cool aspect to that program is that on every Cuban’s birthday he or she receives a subsidized birthday cake, which Cubans just call “cake.” Like the English term. The cakes are made en domicilio, or in the home of someone in the neighborhood who bakes as their profession. The cake is a spongy moist texture and is covered with colorful meringue frosting. The cakes are usually peanut, strawberry, chocolate or of indistinct sweet flavors. On my birthday we got a chocolate cake, and on Noel’s birthday, October 18th, he got a really big peanut flavored cake with blue and white meringue and topped with chocolate powder. Lots of people came over so it’s a good thing it was a big cake.

La tarta de cumpleaños or, “cake”
Sprinkled chocolate